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Lizzy banks on bestie to battle anxiety

ACTRESS and singer Elizabeth Tan (pic) is grateful to have close friends who are helpful, particularly her personal assistant Athira, as she battles anxiety.

Rush to collect petai ‘tears’

A PETAI tree in Gua Musang, Kelantan, has been “crying” buckets, so much so that some people came with pails to collect the water, Metro Ahad reported.

Man unknowingly invites child ghost home

IN a column called “Misteri”, Ming­guan Malaysia ran a spooky story about a boy who was seen at a staircase in a flat in Ampang, Selangor.

Going all the way to Medan for fried chicken

An up-and-coming singer from Sabah said his hunt for good food led him to make a one-day trip to Medan, Indonesia, just to savour the fried chicken there.

Natasha Hudson marries Kelantanese entrepreneur

Actress Natasha Hudson (pic) has tied the knot with a Kelantanese entrepreneur in a ceremony attended only by family members and close friends from both sides, Kosmo! reported.

Zizi unfazed by ‘porn star’ remarks from netizens

POPULAR local artiste Zizi Kirana (pic) is unfazed by comments from netizens who labelled her as similar to “a porn star”, owing to frequent sexy postings in her Instagram account.

Rozita gives Hetty’s designer a dressing down

THERE is quite a stir in local showbusiness following actress Rozita Che Wan’s (pic) online posts that another celebrity had worn a gown that resembled hers, Kosmo! Ahad reported.

Zizi ‘unperturbed’ by negative talk about her

A GOSSIP columnist in Mingguan Malaysia wrote about the boldness of singer Zizi Kirana (pic) in showing off her physical “assets”.

Wak Doyok buys home for mum

Local fashion icon Wak Doyok (pic) gave his mother a bungalow as a sign of his appreciation and love towards the 76-year-old woman, Metro Ahad reported.

Newly-weds lose RM18,000 due to runaway caterer

A COUPLE in Kuala Lumpur had to go to a police station on their wedding day to file a report against their caterer who disappeared a day before.