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How to choose a durian, according to durian experts

The art of judging and appreciating durians is often limited to durian experts but through durian competitions, consumers will indirectly learn how to differentiate a good durian from a bad one.

Engage! 'Star Trek: Picard' brings back familiar faces from 'The Next Generation' & 'Voyager'

The upcoming Star Trek series about Jean-Luc Picard will reunite the beloved starship commander with android officer Data and other characters from the long-running space franchise, the cast revealed to fans at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday.

Watch: Two of our journalists get a taste of the K-beauty experience

Two of our journalists were sent to experience a K-beauty treatment. After two hours, they emerged looking impressively well-styled.

Symptoms of a cat that isn’t feeling well

Catching a problem early can mean the difference between life and death. Also, it often comes with lighter vet bills. Some symptoms to look out for: listlessness, being disinterested in normal play and running around, and being uncharacteristically bad-tempered.

Charity work helps this family find more meaning in life

After her divorce, Zarina Zainuddin decided to volunteer in a soup kitchen. She found it so fulfilling that she got her children to volunteer too. For the past five years, the family have found that doing good has been good for them.

Urban Daybreak KL is a brunch fiend's idea of heaven

Urban Daybreak KL serves up a delectable range of Aussie inspired brunch fare like fried chicken waffle, avocado smash, pulled pork sandwich

Do you get enough sleep but still feel tired?

Here are three questions to ask yourself if you always feel tired during the day, despite getting sufficient sleep the night before.

Lighter, healthier Italian meals at Via Pre KL

Via Pre KL serves up healthier Italian meals with reduced sugar, salt and oil like bruschetta, duck polpette, pasta and panna cotta.

Are you always fighting over the office temperature?

While each of us might have different preferences when it comes to the temperature in our office, research has found the best temperature range for optimal work productivity.