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Explainer: Argentina's farmers have some questions for President-elect Fernandez

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (Reuters) - Argentina's farmers have some questions for President-elect Alberto Fernandez, after the center-left Peronist won a decisive election on Sunday, ousting business-friendly leader Mauricio Macri.

Savour each bite of our food to ensure good digestive health

Eating too fast or missing meals because we need to balance the demands on our time places unnecessary stress on our digestive system, and this can badly impact our health.

Joy division: Bhutan is where you go to find your happiness

For many travellers, a trip to Bhutan is not just a spiritual one, but a chance to rediscover the joys of a simple life.

She may be 94, but Mariammah Muthu still makes muruku from scratch

Mariammah Muthu is 94 but she still makes muruku from scratch, going to the mill to get the rice and urad dhal ground to fine flours and kneading the dough herself.