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‘10 steps ahead’: Kenya’s tech war on wildlife poachers

Every morning, at the far perimeter of the wildlife reserve capped by Mount Kenya, a khaki-clad ranger meticulously sweeps the earth of animal footprints, covering their tracks from any poachers.

Yes, counting steps might make you healthier

People who track their daily steps may not only be more active, they may also be less likely to develop health problems that lead to events like heart attacks or broken bones, a new study suggests.

Reducing screen time in teens improves sleep in one week, study shows

Several studies have shown that the light emitting from the screens we are constantly looking at can have an effect on our health and sleep patterns.

Russia’s citizens can’t escape their largest tech company: opinion

I’m woken up by an alarm on a home speaker designed by Yandex NV. I go to work in Yandex taxi listening to the company’s music-streaming service. My lunch is delivered by Yandex.Eats. I buy sneakers on the company’s Beru marketplace, and catch up on a series on its Kinopoisk smart-TV app in the evening.

From FB and Twitter to Telegram, WhatsApp and Signal: how protest technology has evolved since HK’s Occupy Central

Protesters used encrypted messenger apps to organise themselves, share intelligence and avoid police detection, but police arrested a Telegram group administrator on suspicion of conspiracy to commit public nuisance.

New rule seeks to stop abuse of China’s child fashion models

Authorities in e-commerce hub in Zhejiang province take action after public expresses outrage at slew of reports of abuse appear online. Regulation limits number of hours, days youngsters can work and bans brands from using children under 10 as spokespeople.

Can you go a week without using a screen? Try this digital detox

Could you go an entire week without using a screen?

WHO recommends one-hour maximum screen time per day for under-fives

Young children should not spend more than an hour a day watching television and videos or playing computer games and infants less than one year old should not be exposed to electronic screens at all, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said.

GPS has its own 19-year cicada problem

Most people of a certain age remember the Y2K problem that worried digitalists worldwide when we transitioned from 1999 to 2000 on the night of Dec 31, 1999. What would happen to computers and systems when the last two digits on the date went from 99 to 00?

TSA’s social media highlight weird stuff in travellers’ bags

TSA’s Instagram feed continues on without creator, trying to find that perfect balance of humor plus travel dos and don’ts.

Life Inspired has a chic new look

2020 is all about change, and Life Inspired did just that with a fresh makeover!

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