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Philips reports profit slump, setback for medical sales

Electrical appliance group Philips reported a setback in its switch to focus on healthcare technologies on Monday, revealing that overall net profit slumped by nearly a quarter in the last three months.

Medical advances turn science fiction into science fact

Exoskeletons helping the paralysed to walk, tiny maggot-inspired devices gnawing at brain tumours, machines working tirelessly as hospital helpers: in many respects, the future of medicine is already here.

LinkedIn: Malaysians lead region in wanting BFFs at work

Malaysian professionals value workplace relationships more than any other Asian country, says professional network LinkedIn’s Relationships @Work recent study

Samsung and Under Armour to create new fitness tracker: rumour

In a presumed effort to face off against the dynamic duo of Nike and Apple, which have honed a solid partnership with increasing success, Korean tech giant Samsung is rumoured to be joining forces with American sportswear maker Under Armour to create a wearable fitness tracker.

Drones take flight into a world of possibilities

Like a well-trained dog, the HEXO+ follows you faithfully wherever you go. But it doesn't walk besides you — it's airborne.

UP24 lifestyle bracelets take aim at waistlines

In the booming world of smart watches, pendants and bracelets that let people track sleep and steps, wearable computing pioneer Jawbone is out to win hearts through stomachs.

Google's glucose-sensing smart contact lenses coming in five years

Google and Novartis have announced plans to bring the tech giant's smart contact lenses to market, and no, they're not the intraocular version of Google Glass.

Novartis and Google to develop 'smart' contact lens

Swiss drugmaker Novartis has struck an agreement with Google to develop "smart" contact lenses that would help diabetics to track their blood glucose levels or restore the eye's ability to focus.

The wearable fitness coaches

Sport-specific wearables are burgeoning, although basic trackers are taking on the role of overall health and fitness coach.

Apple updates health app to include passive step counts, caffeine tracking

A new beta version of the Apple health tracking platform for iOS 8 boasts of a pedometer and the capacity to track caffeine intake.