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Educational apps help kids take control of their health

Reflecting a trend of gamification, a growing number of apps are designed to help kids learn to manage their health, tackling subjects such as diabetes, asthma and even psychological aspects of growing up.

Jawbone's activity-tracking wristbands to accept data from rivals

Jawbone said on Monday it is opening its software to other device-makers in hopes of accelerating sales of its activity-tracking wristbands, in a move that comes a day before Apple Inc is expected to unveil a smartwatch of its own.

Amid high expectations, Apple to unveil new devices

Apple pulls back the curtain Tuesday on its latest innovations, amid frenzied anticipation over new big-screen iPhones and possibly an "iWatch" which could shake up the world of wearable computing.

Apple's rivals hope its iWatch makes "wearable" work

Know what a "Wearable" is? Most top tech executives would struggle to define it. Now they’re hoping that Apple will do it for them.

Contest to create Star Trek-type medical device

The US$10mil (RM31.75mil) Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, a competition that aims to make science fiction a reality, has narrowed its participant pool to ten remaining teams.

Apple courts fashionistas as smartwatch expectations mount

Apple Inc has invited top fashion editors and bloggers in unprecedented numbers to its Tuesday launch gala, further evidence that the iPhone maker is preparing to take the wraps off a smartwatch.

Fitness app gets MIT-affiliated award

Exercise a virtual pet and get motivated to exercise yourself. That’s the idea behind the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Global Startups Lab Malaysia award-winning app for a prototype created by eight computer science students.

Hackers break into server for Obamacare website: US officials

An unknown hacker or hackers broke into a computer server supporting the website through which consumers enrol in Obamacare health insurance, a government cybersecurity team discovered last week, apparently uploading malicious files.

In quest for next windfall, tech funds look to healthcare

Some of the best-known technology investors are looking beyond their tried-and-true Internet plays to bet on healthcare data as the next growth market.

Sonova's microphone disguised as a pen offers "super normal hearing"

A wireless microphone in the shape of a pen, made by Switzerland's Sonova, can help people with hearing loss understand speech better than those with normal hearing at certain noise levels, a study has shown.