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Wearable sheds new light on health tracking

Salutron this week unveiled its new BRITE R450 smartwatch, which takes a holistic approach to health with its tracking capabilities that include light exposure in the goal of optimizing mental well-being.

Pebble smartwatch adds fitness apps from Misfit, Jawbone

A software update announced Tuesday will allow Pebble users ‘round the clock activity and sleep tracking as it introduces health and fitness apps from Misfit, Jawbone and to its ecosystem.

Pepsi to launch naturally sweetened soda on Amazon, bypassing stores

PepsiCo Inc for the first time is introducing a product exclusively through Inc as the snack and soft drink maker aims to expand its footprint in e-commerce.

Ooh La La! A wearable to measure sexual performance

It was only a matter of time before health tracking trickled into sex. An Italian research team has developed an accelerometer-based wearable system that's said to be comfortable and convenient for users.

Get a neck massage by hotel room pillows in the future

In 10 years' time, hotel guests will don sleep suits that can monitor blood pressure and glucose levels and lay their head on smart pillows that can provide head and neck massages.

DNA in a thumb-drive

Santa Barbara-based GENiSYSS started an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign for its thumb-drive-sized capsules to store DNA in a way that's never been available to the public.

Obesity research takes high-tech twist at Florida school

Freshmen at Florida's Lakewood High School lined up against gold and black gymnasium mats on Friday to have their height and weight measured, an assessment to launch a novel study on fighting teenage obesity with trendy new technology.

In-person friends combat bullies better than online friends

Gay and lesbian adolescents see their online friends as generally more supportive than their in-person friends, but when they do have pals who can physically offer a hand or a hug, those friends provide a superior protective shield against bullying, a new study finds.

Smart cycling helmet from LifeBEAM arrives

After a head start from crowdfunding in which the heart rate-monitoring cycling helmet slammed more than its original goal, an array of headgear is now available.

Whistleblower phone app seeks to outsmart corruption

Douglas Buule, a teacher at Kiwenda primary, a government school outside Uganda's capital Kampala, has a recurring problem.

Life Inspired has a chic new look

2020 is all about change, and Life Inspired did just that with a fresh makeover!

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