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Soldiering on for a battery-less future

b>PETALING JAYA/b>: Imagine a smartphone with no battery because the device's casing itself functions as the battery. Now imagine that technology applied to everything from gadgets to cars to wristwatches.


Angry Birds among first Windows Store Games for launch

i>ANGRY Birds/i>, i>Hydro Thunder/iand i>Toy Soldiers/iwill reportedly be some of the first games to feature in Microsoft's Windows Store at launch.


TVs getting Siri-style personal assistants

b>LAS VEGAS:/bStartup Vlingo is giving televisions the kind of voice-controlled 'virtual assistants' that have been a hit with the latest version of Apple's hot-selling iPhone.


Did Conficker worm help sabotage Iran’s nuke programme?

b>WASHINGTON/b>: A cyberwarfare expert claims he has linked the Stuxnet computer virus that attacked Iran's nuclear programme last year to Conficker, a mysterious 'worm' that surfaced in late 2008 and infected millions of PCs.


Gamer’s midnight mission

A 150-strong crowd gathered at Gamer's Hideout outlet at 1 Utama shopping centre last night for the midnight release of i>Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3)/i>.


Cuba smokes Castro plot in Black Ops videogame

b>HAVANA/b>: Cuba harshly criticised a new videogame in which US special operations soldiers try to kill a young Fidel Castro, saying that the violent role-playing glorifies assassination and will turn American children into sociopaths.


US Army updates rulebook after WikiLeaks

b>WASHINGTON:/bThe Army has updated its 17-year-old rulebook on espionage, specifically to require that troops alert authorities if they suspect classified leaks to news media outlets.


Bringing war strategy to consoles

b>NEW YORK/b>: Videogame wars, like those in i>Halo/ior i>Call of Duty/i>, are usually seen from the grunt's eyeview. If you want to play general, with thousands of troops following your every order, you have to turn on your computer, home to real-time strategy (RTS) epics like i>StarCraft II/iand i>Age of Empires/i>.


Sweden cancels arrest warrant for WikiLeaks founder

b>STOCKHOLM/b>: Swedish authorities revoked a short-lived arrest warrant for the founder of WikiLeaks on Saturday, saying a rape accusation against him lacked substance.


WikiLeaks seeks online safe haven in Sweden

b>STOCKHOLM/b>: WikiLeaks moved its servers from the United States to Sweden in 2007 to take advantage of laws protecting whistleblowers and a culture supportive of online mavericks.