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CME Group smartphone game lets students "beef up" on agriculture economics

Bovine avatars with funny hats in an app are being corralled into helping to teach young people in the United States about agricultural markets and risk.


IoT: A brave new world

With the IoT, it’s not quite The Matrix, but the physical world and the digital world will be drawn ever closer together, collecting data from the world around us in real time and allowing us to see things that were not evident before.


Crowdfunding comes to the wine industry

Filmmakers, tinkerers and IT innovators aren't the only ones turning to the Internet to fund their projects. Through a new platform dubbed Fundovino, the crowdfunding principle has now made its way to the winemaking industry.


Poles fight Russian fruit ban on social media

With tongue-in-cheek messages like "an apple a day keeps Putin away!" Poles have taken to social media with gusto to promote Polish fruit in defiance of President Vladimir Putin's decision to ban imports into Russia.


Electronics giant Panasonic wants Singaporeans to eat its veg

Japan's Panasonic Corp, best known for its television sets and home theater systems, wants to feed Singaporeans its radishes and lettuce.


With new tech tools, precision farming gains traction

At Little Bohemia Creek Farm, the tractor pretty much drives itself, weaving through rows of corn using GPS technology as it injects carefully dosed amounts of fertiliser.


China driving development of ‘Internet of Things’

China is in the forefront of the development of an Internet of Things, leading the way with the number of machine-to-machine connections and opening a new market for operators, a study showed.


SoftBank to start selling personal robots next year

Japan's SoftBank Corp said on Thursday it will start selling human-like robots for personal use by February, expanding into a sector seen key to addressing labour shortages in one of the world's fastest ageing societies.


US production and photo companies ask to fly drones

Seven video production and aerial photo companies have asked for federal permission to use civilian drones in the United States for the first time, the airspace regulator said Monday.


What’s Big Data?

What does “Big Data” mean? Is there a “Small Data?” Don’t they mean “Lots of Data” rather than “Big Data?” And where’s it all coming from? (I tell you, these IT folks are just plain weird sometimes…)