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A woman must always stand up for herself

It looks like there are people out there who are in dire need of assertiveness training.


Season of the Bard: The globe takes on Shakespeare

Death of most performed playwright in the world to be marked by events across the globe.


Richard Marx's KL concert hits the mark

Not even a bomb scare could stop Richard Marx from putting on an unforgettable show

Movie Review

Review: The Purge: Election Year

Sadly though, excessive and unwarranted cuts have purged a lot of the enjoyment from this visceral action/horror/satire.


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has mummy issues

Here’s a first look at the funky Crazy Ex-Girlfriend song, So Maternal.


5 things that make the Kingpin king

The heavyweight Marvel comics villain turns 50 this year.


Tell me about... Nerves that causes pain

Neuralgia is pain in the distribution of a nerve or nerves, and the pain is often quite severe.


When a woman reaches midlife...

The time during which a woman makes the natural transition to menopause can be a trying one.


The San shines on

Homegrown brand Eclipse holds its first showcase after its founder Sonny San's death ... and the result is beautiful and touching.


Meditation and the art of trying to think about nothing

'But Then Again' columnist Mary Schneider finds out that the more you try to think of nothing, the more you think about trying to think of nothing.