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Lady Gaga 'fine' after she and fan fall off stage in Vegas

Shrieks rang out Thursday when Lady Gaga and a fan fell off the stage to the floor several feet below at a show during her Las Vegas residency.

Dear Thelma: Mean relatives are wreaking havoc on my family

Rehana can't understand why her relatives hate her family and are so jealous of them although they are richer than her family. What makes it worse is that her grandparents are always partial towards those relatives.

Yau Bee Ling rediscovers joyous painterly groove in free-flowing show

Visual artist Yau Bee Ling’s conversations about art these days seem to be more optimistic. She is definitely in a different headspace since her last solo exhibit three years ago, which was an emotionally heavy series.

Resistance is futile: Sweatband's fabric resistance bands are a hit

With fabric as a material, these resistance bands are more durable, easily maintained and a great addition to your regular workout.

Actress Zoe Perry on becoming like her character on 'Young Sheldon'

In an exclusive interview with StarLifestyle, 'Young Sheldon' actress Zoe Perry says her character Mary’s rigidness spills over to her own life at times.

Feeling tense? Learn – yes, learn – how to relax the right way

Relaxation is an art that doesn't come naturally to everyone. So here’s a simple yoga position that can help you to really, really relax.

New treatment for migraines now available in Malaysia

Migraines are more than just headaches, they are chronic neurological conditions where the brain seems to be oversensitive to stimuli, resulting in pain.

Is Hong Kong safe for travel?

Despite the tear gas tango it’s a crying shame that travellers have fled. Some incredible deals may yet tempt many back.