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5 of the year's highlights in Malaysian theatre

Local arts in 2015: There is hope for better days to come.


How genes and calories affect our weight

Our genes and exposure to easily-available calories are heavy influences on our weight, and weight-loss efforts.

Science & Technology

Person of the year: Educator Dr Mohamed Yunus Mohamed Yasin

Meet the man who drove local Tamil schools’ change in attitude towards Science and Mathematics.


Advertisements tend to reinforce our unhealthy tendencies

Debating over chicken or salad for dinner? Seeing an ad for food might just push you over the (unhealthy) edge.


How supermarkets seduce shoppers

Supermarkets and hypermarkets have many subtle methods to entice you to buy more than you might need.


Thinking of takeaway? It’s a no-no for health.

As tempting as eating out or buying food to eat at home is, it is not the best option for your health.


We don’t choose our food for health

Our heads may know what is healthy, but our stomachs don’t care.


Healthy food is everywhere, so why don't we eat healthy?

Physical access to healthy foods is not so much a problem as compared to affordability, palatability and convenience.


Managing obesity takes more than individual willpower

The problem of eating too much and unhealthily requires government and industry willpower as well.


The Imaginarium Studios, where Gollum was created in the movies, comes to Malaysia

The performance capture company, co-founded by Andy Serkis, expands to Asia-Pacific region.