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Health data breaches on the rise

Health data breaches are on the rise, a new study shows.


Cyberattacks on US health-care providers are up in recent months

Health-care providers and government agencies across the US have seen an increase in cybersecurity breaches in recent months, exposing sensitive data from hundreds of thousands of people as the sector scrambles to find adequate defence mechanisms.


Could a mobile app help treat mental health problems?

New US research has suggested that mobile phone apps could not only be effective for our physical health but also our mental health, finding that those who used them reported a higher level of emotional wellness.


Top-rated health apps not always best for managing health

Some of the top-rated health apps aimed at people with chronic medical problems don’t do a very good job of actually helping to manage those conditions, a recent study suggests.


Health checks by smartphone raise privacy fears

Authorities and tech developers must stop sensitive health data entered into applications on mobile phones ending up in the wrong hands, experts warn.


IBM launches new health unit, teams up with Apple, J&J, Medtronic

International Business Machines Corp, deepening its partnership with Apple Inc to make use of health information gathered by millions of Apple devices, is creating a unit dedicated to providing data analytics to the healthcare sector.


New health apps, games reward patients who take their meds

A group of ex-gaming industry executives say they can use their design chops to solve a major health challenge: Sick patients neglecting to take their medication and costing employers and insurance providers billions of dollars.


Philippines tests health app for remote islands

The Philippines is testing an app that will speed up delivery of health services to hundreds of remote island communities, the science department said.


China counts on AI to find a cure for its ailing health care system

The world’s most populous country is embracing AI to fill resource gaps in its health system, as private firms team up with hospitals on experimental diagnosis services.


Apple iPhone users will be able to see their medical records on Health app

Smartphone users checking medical records on their devices have been wading through a balkanised landscape of apps and websites for each health care provider or hospital.