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Tasty, healthy, fast sahur by celeb chefs Nik Michael Imran, Anis Nabilah

Celebrity chefs Nik Michael Imran and Anis Nabilah share tasty, quick and healthy sahur recipes like poke bowls, oatmeal and rice porridge (bubur lambuk).

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Malaysian home cook Raymond Ng serves up family-style Chinese meals

Home cook Raymond Ng constantly whips up home-cooked Chinese meals for his large extended family, including weekly dinners for his grandparents.

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Hearty Italian fare at Passione

Passionate Italian chef Stefano Criber serves up a litany of Italian food like seafood linguine, cold cuts, wild boar tagliatelle, pluma Iberico and tiramisu.

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6 KL-based foreign chefs' favourite Christmas meals

Although turkey is most commonly associated with Christmas, people around the world eat all kinds of festive food, from hallacas in Venezuela to ravioli di castagne in Italy and chicken isthu in India.

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Traditional Kristang favourites for Christmas

Home cook Michelle Nunis learnt how to make heritage Kristang dishes like seybak, Christmas pie, devil curry and rose chicken from her mother, and continues making it for her family's Christmas meal.

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'Bekwoh' cookbook author eats his way through Malaysia's East Coast

Bryan Koh spent two years eating and writing about Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang cuisine. His cookbook 'Bekwoh' serves up a sumptuous East Coast feast.

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5 food mashups with Indian flavours... Muruku brownies, anyone?

In homage to the festival of Deepavali, we inject Indian flavours into dishes from other cuisines. Muruku brownies, anyone?

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Taishan Chinese dishes are her culinary heritage

Home cook Nicole Ho still makes the food that her ancestors used to make in Taishan, China, like stewed lamb with sugarcane, braised chicken with dried mandarin peel and glutinous rice desserts.

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True blue Italian food from an Italian chef in Kuala Lumpur

Nero Nero’s chef Giuseppe Lioce pays tribute to his Italian heritage with homemade meals like panzerotti, pastas like cavatelli, tortellaci and pizzas.

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Cooking Kerala-style Indian heritage dishes

Home cook Sharmini Ann Jacob continues to make the Kerala-style Indian dishes that her mother taught her how to make, like pork vindaloo, kappa (tapioca), kacha morru (yoghurt curry) and meen vevitchu (fish curry).