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The Dalmore’s Richard Paterson on his 50 years in the Scotch industry

One of the Scotch whisky industry's most celebrated icons, The Dalmore master blender Richard Paterson looks back at his 50 years of working in the whisky industry.

Never let a Belgian hear you talk about French fries

Crispy, fluffy Belgian frites are a national institution and gastronomic obsession – and the secret to perfect fries lies in the double-frying process.

Curious Cook: Tales from a food diary, part 2

The columnist has a few curious titbits and thoughts about food from last year. This time: farts, moobs, chicken, pizza and butter.

Curious Cook: A saucy tale, Part 2

The Japanese has refined soy sauce making further so you now need to know tamari from nama shoyu and koikuchi, et cetera. Unpastueurised soy sauce is also a good meat tenderiser, by the way.

Curious Cook: Escape to Porto

In Porto, don’t miss the Portuguese port wine, pork and petiscos in particular.

Australian man has good business selling durian in Singapore

It's not what you would expect but a Caucasian man saw an opportunity in Singapore and has started selling a rare Thai variety of durian.

The truth about sticky Japanese rice

The Japanese take pride in their homegrown Japonica rice.

Dates, 'fruit of paradise', are here for Ramadan

Breaking fast with dates is now more interesting as there is an increasingly wide variety of dates available in Malaysia.

From fjord to fork: Norway loves its fish

The cold clear fjords of Bergen are the idyllic home of the Norwegian trout.

Bolivia touts llama as healthy alternative to beef

The llama, a long-necked pack animal known for its wool, has also long been a food source for indigenous people in Bolivia.