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Art Of Healing

The science of energy healing

Trying to uncover the scientific basis of energy healing.


Alternatives to rice

With a rice shortage looming, we may be forced to look at alternatives to our staple food.


Q & A about bananas


Folate folly

While the exact cause of neural tube defects is unknown, it is believed that folate deficiency is one of the culprits, together with genetic factors and some other medical conditions.


Children, parasites?

From the internet....


Bone health

Many people may know about the functions of calcium, but it is also important to know that magnesium functions very closely with calcium and phosphorus.


Beneficial aspects of the pumpkin

How safe is the food you consume? CHIA JOO SUAN writes about food - cooked or otherwise, natural or man-made - from a health standpoint. The pumpkin, a nutritious laxative is her pick this week.


Beating cardiovascular disease

Eating for heart health and stroke prevention need not be boring. Through smart food choices, innovative menu planning to preserve taste and convenience, effective weight management, plus the inclusion of some appetising heart-friendly foods, a heart-healthy diet is achievable for all.


Mark of quality

THE latest consumer products reviewed.


The nutrient connection

Studies have suggested that both L-carnitine fumarate and Coenzyme Q10 can be useful in the prevention of complications caused by diabetes.