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Hostages moved to Jolo

KOTA KINABALU: The three fishermen who are the latest abduction victims in Sabah’s east coast have been taken to the Abu Sayyaf lair on Jolo island in southern Philippines.

Sabah police: Kidnapped fishermen taken to Jolo Island

KOTA KINABALU: The three fishermen who were abducted abduction off Sabah's east coast have been taken to the Abu Sayyaf lair of Jolo island in southern Philippines, amid an ongoing military offensive against the terrorist group there.

Abducted four spirited to Jolo

KOTA KINABALU: The four Malaysian sailors abducted by Filipino gunmen in Pulau Ligitan waters off Semporna are believed to be in the notorious Abu Sayyaf stronghold of Jolo.

More to Jolo than just kidnapping

The world thinks that the Tausugs (Suluks) are barbarians. There are 500,000 Tausugs and the 1,000 who are with the Abu Sayyaf give them a bad name.

Kidnappers may have fled to Jolo

The raiders of Borneo Paradise Eco Resort have slipped through the security dragnet in the southern Philippines and here, with all signs pointing to them having landed on Jolo island with some of their hostages.

Thousands flee fighting in Jolo

Nearly 3,000 families together with their children have fled their villages after five days of skirmishes between soldiers and Moro rebels on Jolo island in southern Philippines.

Kidnapped women may be in Jolo

KOTA KINABALU: Abu Sayyaf gunmen holding two foreign women abducted from Semporna are believed to have returned to their lair in notorious Jolo island.

Muktadir brother shot dead in Jolo

KOTA KINABALU: A week after the notorious Muktadir brothers staged a brazen kidnapping of two Malay­sians in Sandakan town, one of them is dead – shot by the Philippines police in Jolo town.

One-arm commander’s offer is a trap, says Jolo activist

LAHAD DATU: The offer to surrender by Abu Sayyaf’s ageing one-arm commander Radulan Sahiron is seen as a trap to massacre the Philippine soldiers in the terror group’s stronghold of Jolo island.

Kidnapped sailors yet to reach Jolo hideout

KOTA KINABALU: The five Malaysian sailors kidnapped off Sabah last week have yet to slip into Abu Sayyaf’s mountainous jungle hideout in Jolo Island of southern Philippines.