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AI ambulances and robot doctors: China seeks digital salve to ease hospital strain

In the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou, an ambulance speeds through traffic on a wave of green lights, helped along by an artificial intelligence (AI) system and big data.

TED: Phones and drones transforming healthcare

In the developing world, basic healthcare is often a challenge – let alone expensive medical screening or tests for easily treatable, preventable illnesses.

Thai junta uneasy about Pokémon Go craze

Pokémon Go’s debut in Thailand has alarmed the country’s generals, prompting the kingdom’s junta chief to warn youngsters against playing too much and the army to ban the game from barracks.

Japan latest battleground in Airbnb home-sharing war

Sarah Takeda thought she had a good business renting a traditional tatami-mat room in her house on Airbnb. But she and other hosts in Japan are learning the hard way that Airbnb's fastest-growing market is also becoming the next flashpoint in a global battle over the sharing economy.

Pokemon Go mania sweeps Turkey, but some want it banned

As Pokemon Go users try to "catch 'em all" in Turkey, some want to see the hit mobile app banned in the country, accusing it of undermining Islam.

Reliance on China health sector raises searching questions for Baidu

The death of a student following experimental cancer treatment he found through China's biggest search engine, Baidu Inc, has exposed the faultlines in the company's business model, which relies heavily on income from the country's lightly regulated health sector.

China to investigate hospital dying student found on search engine

China's health ministry will investigate a hospital that a university student turned to for cancer treatment after seeking information on the Baidu Inc search engine.

China to investigate Baidu over student's death, shares dive

China's Internet regulator said it will send a team to investigate Baidu Inc over the death of a university student who used the Chinese search engine to look for treatment for his cancer.

Brazil to launch anti-Zika app for Olympics

Brazil’s health ministry said it will launch a smartphone application to track the Zika virus during the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and help visitors detect the disease.

Google teams with UNICEF to map Zika virus spread

Google said that it is working with UNICEF to map the spread of Zika and pitching in a million dollars to support the group’s efforts on the ground.