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A zodiac sign to crow about

WE MAY not know why the chicken crossed the road but there is a story as to why the rooster crows every morning.

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Education reform can soften ‘tiger mums’

SINCE Amy Chua took the world of Chinese parents by storm with her book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother in 2011, it seems more Chinese mothers have turned into “Tiger mums”.


Taiwan youth to China - Treat us like a country

TAIPEI (Reuters) - Young Taiwan activists have tied themselves up in chains, blocked mountain roads, scaled fences and thrown red paint balloons in a wave of anti-China sentiment likely to turn the island's politics on its head in January's presidential election.


Beware of fake plastic surgeons in S. Korea

WOMEN planning to reshape their facial features have been warned to be wary of bogus and unqualified cosmetic surgeons in South Korea.


Woman hit with 20 charges for outraging the modesty of 13-year-old girl

A 38-year-old woman has been slapped with 20 charges of outraging the modesty of a 13-year-old girl in Singapore, reported Oriental Daily.

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Tiananmen Square dissident warns Uighur militancy on the rise

TAIPEI: Militancy is on the rise in China among Uighurs driven to despair over Beijing's "terrorist colonisation", Wu'er Kaixi, a Uighur exiled after his role in the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, has warned.


Climate change to disrupt food supplies, brake growth - UN draft

OSLO (Reuters) - Global warming will disrupt food supplies, slow world economic growth and may already be causing irreversible damage to nature, according to a U.N. report due this week that will put pressure on governments to act.


Body claimed and cremated by mistake

THE relatives of a dead man in Taichung, Taiwan, were shocked to find that his remains had been claimed and cremated by another family, reported Kwong Wah Yit Poh.


Woman hospitalised after vagina-tightening rod snaps

A YOUNG woman accidentally snapped the vagina-tightening rod she was using inside her and had to seek a month-long treatment after she came down with vaginitis and cervicitis (inflammation of the vagina and cervix respectively).

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Korean national hero ‘hijacked’ by China provokes fury

JIAN, China: Centuries ago Kwang­gaet’o the Great ruled over a mighty empire stret­­c­­­­hing from south of Seoul deep into Manchuria in China’s northeast, but his Koguryo dynasty is now at the centre of a historical tug-of-war.