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Protecting our interests Consumer group calls on government to implement ‘Lemon Law’

A consumer advocacy group highlights the need to introduce “lemon laws” to better protect consumers and elevate the quality of goods and services.


DRB-Hicom hopes for more incentives for auto industry

PETALING JAYA: Automotive giant DRB-Hicom Bhd is wishing for more incentives for the automotive industry in the upcoming Budget 2013 to safeguard the industry and assist companies to be competitive on a global scale.


Oh no, not again!

THE SBEU office in Sibu was broken into again, this time on Aug 22.


Taking PFC to new heights

AMERICAN independent scholar and futurist Joel Barker once said: “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.”


A cleaner drive

Electric vehicles are another option for those seeking a greener drive.


Your 10 questions

UMW Holdings Bhd MD and CEO Datuk DrAbdul Halim Harun fields the 10 questionsposed by our readers.


The three pointed star

THE three pointed star is among the most sought after and recognisable status symbols in the world. In Malaysia, the Mercedes-Benz has been a perennial top seller among the luxury brands, a marque noted for its engineering value and driving mechanics.


Toyota chief apologizes for global recalls

TOKYO: Toyota's president emerged from seclusion to apologize and address criticism that the automaker mishandled a crisis over sticking gas pedals.


How to buy a car

Can't decide which car to buy? In this first article in a series of six that will help you make that important decision, we offer a guide to what you should consider first.


Small businesses in big trouble

Issues of rising costs of raw materials, labour and the recent price hike in utilities have posed a major blow to small and medium enterprises.