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Steady on the ball

Teacher uses exercise balls to control squirming students.

Woman in charge

Through her illustrious career in the Indian police service, Kiran Bedi has proven that a woman’s ability to reach out can change the world.

Revisiting the mystique of Silla in Gyeongju

From ancient tombs to Buddhist temples, walking in Gyeongju brings history to life.

What it takes

Having children is one of life’s most rewarding experiences.

Six beauty pageant Q&A fails

Miss Universe Malaysia 2014 will be crowned tonight, but as the girls emerge from the isolation booth to answer their final questions, let’s honour those who have failed to talk the talk.

Warmth of the sun

Casey Abrams is enjoying playing music on his own terms as witnessed at his Penang concert.

Inspiration from traditional motifs

To artist-cum-lecturer Aliza, each has its own meaning which she hopes to portray through her work.

A ball for working the body and mind

A nasty fall led David Weck to invent a new fitness device called the BOSU ball.

Crime against children in Cambodia

Hollywood actress Mira Sorvino teams up with the CNN Freedom Project in a documentary that exposes the horrors of the child sex trafficking trade in Cambodia.

Sensitive skin

Here’s a chance to get your 'always wanted to know but didn’t know who to ask' beauty answers.