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MP: Banks given too much face, making them hard to control

The Government has given too much 'face' to commercial banks and consequently, Bank Negara cannot control them, the Dewan was told.


Tightening laws on polygamy?

When Parliament amended the Islamic Family Law last Monday, many interpreted it to be a curtailment on polygamy. SUHAINI AZNAM reports.


Residents want KL-Putrajaya highway project re-aligned

The maxim that 'walls have ears' has taken on a new meaning for Tina Phuah, whose house is at the fringe of a massive highway project.


Government to ensure bumis get 30% equity

The Government will strive to ensure that bumiputras own 30% of the equities in the country's share market, said Finance Ministry parliamentary secretary Datuk Dr Hilmi Yahya.


MPs from both sides given APs

A total of 337 MPs and senators, were among 4,500 individuals who had applied and obtained approved permits to import cars from the year 2002 to this year.


Ex-detainee’s wife sues Azmi for defamation

The wife of a former ISA detainee is suing the Home Affairs Minister for defamation over remarks he made against her husband.


Sri Petaling folks fume over damage to houses

Sri Petaling residents, who have been protesting against the building of a highway near their homes due to safety reasons, now have their worst fears confirmed.


Thousands march in parades to celebrate 48 years of independence

State-level parades and festivities were held throughout the country to mark the nation's 48th National Day.


KL-level Merdeka Month launched

THE Kuala Lumpur-level Merdeka Month was launched at City Hall building on Tuesday with a range of activities that will go on until Sept 16.


Folks want road project halted

THE Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA) has agreed to convey to the Public Works Department (PWD) the request by Sri Petaling residents for a temporary stop-work order on a highway project in Sri Petaling.