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KL-Singapore HSR link: A quick guide to what to eat and see

When the high-speed rail link between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore actually starts operating, foodies will be making a beeline to many of the towns. The ride will take less than 90 minutes.

Restored building in KL is now an arts hub

The new art-centred building in KL aims to raise awareness and appreciation for art forms.

A legacy of exposing social and political concerns

Nirmala Dutt’s artistic legacy continues to strike a chord when it comes to Malaysian issues.

The dangers of overtraining

Rhabdomyolysis is a serious health condition sometimes caused by working out at very high intensity.

Does everyone view good parenting the same way?

Contradictheory: Yelling at a kid? Spanking, caning, poking with pins? Beating with a rubber hose? Is this child abuse? Some people may not see it that way.

Art that delves deep into the human psyche

Journey into the deep dark depths with Filipino artist Bree Johnson

See this side of night and its different faces

Young Singaporean artist Yeo Tze Yang captures the different facades of night in his first solo in Malaysia.

Leaving home is a complex thing, this local artist shows

Phuan Thai Meng’s latest exhibition addresses the complexities of leaving home.

'Between States' wanders through the haze of regional complexities

The 'Between States' group exhibition discusses entry points and re-imagines borders through the region’s annual bane, the haze.

Our ArtProjects show challenges the boundaries between painting and sculpture

A two-man show at Our ArtProjects converge and bounce ideas between two different mediums.