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Informed patients do better

The scene in a doctor#8217;s consultation room has changed remarkably over the last decade. Where patients used to say, #8220;I>Suka-lah/Iyou, doctor#8221;, today, they come with a pile of Internet printouts.

Family: A nation’s foundation

Dr Jenny P. Deva upholds that the family unit is the building block of the nation, and nation-building can only happen if the family unit is strong. EVELYN LEN speaks to her.

Hello, doctor

Dr EDNIN HAMZAH gives some pointers on how to make the most out of a visit to the doctor.

Tugging at heartstrings online

These days, appeals for funds are not only being made through newspapers but also via the Internet. In this Star Special Report,SUSAN THAM and RASLAN SHARIFF offer an insight into the situation and some tips on how the Malaysian public should respond when an e-mail appeal comes their way.

Knowledge for survival

THE Malaysian Oncological Society (MOS) will be launching its first nationwide breast cancer awareness campaign, I>Care for Your Bosom Buddies/I>, in October. The campaign includes free lectures for the public in various locations in Malaysia and educational outreaches via the media.

Breakthrough in eczema treatment

Despite the effectiveness of corticosteroids, their potential for misuse, leading to side effects, have had doctors and patients longing for a non-steroidal form of treatment. Now, there is a new group of compounds called calcineurin inhibitors, which are an effective alternative to conrticosteroids for the treatment of eczema.

Great effort by beauties even if target not met

Though they did not break the record they set out to achieve for the third time, which is to get the largest number of women to donate blood, the Miss Malaysia India Care Association did rope in 113 for a worthy cause.

Slivers of the region

Reviews of the latest books on the shelves.

Myths to deal with

DEC 1 #8211; World AIDS Day #8211; is here again, the day that the United Nations has declared as the day we set aside to reflect on the state of the worst epidemic known to humankind, HIV/AIDS.

Importance of breast health

It bears repeating that early detection of breast cancer saves lives. It is therefore important for both women and men to be aware of breast health, and how a few simple steps can considerably reduce the odds of late stage breast cancer, reports HOOI YOU CHING.