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Bright lights of contention

MBPJ finalising guidelines on digital billboards as motorists complain about challenges of staying focused on the road.


"Two is enough," Egypt tells poor families as population booms

SOHAG, Egypt (Reuters) - Nesma Ghanem is hoping for a fourth child even though her doctor says her body can't handle a pregnancy at the moment. She has three daughters and would like them to have a brother.


Senegal's modernising president leads field in upcoming election

DAKAR (Reuters) - President Macky Sall is the strong favourite to win Senegal's election on Sunday, boosted by a modernising first term that propelled economic growth although critics accuse him of jailing his rivals for political gain.


Israeli election - More 'King Bibi' or bye-bye Bibi?

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's face beams down from election billboards depicting him as a statesman, shaking hands with U.S. President Donald Trump.


Singapore may deny entry to foreign vehicle with outstanding fines from April 1

SINGAPORE (Bernama): Singapore may deny entry to foreign vehicles with a number of outstanding fines for traffic, parking or vehicular emissions offences, starting April 1.


Kenya bomber's journey offers cautionary tale of intelligence failures

NAIROBI/MOMBASA, Kenya (Reuters) - The bomber who blew himself up outside a Nairobi hotel this month, launching an attack that killed 21 people, was already so well-known to Kenyan police that they had emblazoned his face across billboards under the slogan "WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE".


When will hip-hop star Drake sing a song about Kuala Lumpur?

When it comes to love songs about cities, New York takes the trophy, followed by London, Los Angeles, Paris and Miami. Is Kuala Lumpur not a great place for musical romance?

Why You Like That Wan

Dealing with the 'pig' in the room, how brands market CNY in a sensitive Malaysia

IT MUST be a stressful time to be in advertising right now. You spend months and thousands of ringgit to come up with brand ideas, produce billboards and newspaper ads, make videos that will be skipped after five seconds on YouTube - only to have all of that work undone by one Facebook post from some guy who mistook wagyu beef for pork.

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Modern look is a defaced facade

MANY shophouses in older townships of Selangor are already 100 years old, but the authorities appear oblivious to their high heritage value.

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Market players show support for palm oil industry

AS THE local palm oil industry fights to counter the negative narrative about the product, players from other sectors are joining in the call to support its growth.