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Conservation alliance holds hope for tigers

Tigers have no voice to lobby for their survival but with the Malaysian Conservation Alliance for Tigers (Mycat), there is hope for tigers in Malaysia to live on for future generations.


INTERVIEW - Scientists draft blueprint to protect world oceans

SYDNEY (Reuters) - International scientists are mapping out a plan for a network of marine parks to save the world's oceans from fish stock depletion and growing pollution.


Dying breed

Once found in abundance along the West Coast of the peninsula, wild milky storks may become extinct very soon. Today there are not more than 10 of these waterbirds in the Matang Forest Reserve in Perak, the final stronghold for the species.


Poachers to face harsher punishment

Poachers will face harsher punishment, such as mandatory jail sentence, whipping and heavier fines, under proposed changes to the Wildlife Protection Act. 1972.


Tighten enforcement to save tigers

From KERVIN of Kota Kinabalu.I>(via e-mail)/I>


Battling to curb wildlife trade

Sarawak has called for better regional co-operation to check illegal wildlife trade.


Take measures now to nip poaching in the bud

Writes LEONG MUN YI of Ipoh. (via e-mail)


Throw the book at tiger poachers

Writes DR KAE KAWANISHI of Kuala Lumpur.


Don’t support trade in tigers

From Datuk Musa Nordin, Director-General, Department of Wildlife and National Parks Peninsular Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur


Tiger parts won’t improve your sex life

Tiger parts will not boost your sex life. If everyone believes in the statement, there won't be a decline in the tiger population as a result of poaching.