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The power of the chrysanthemum on the Double Ninth festival

The Chongyang Festival is celebrated in the Far East with folks climbing mountains, carrying dogwood for protection, and drinking chrysanthemum wine for its power to ward off evil.


Controversial demands made by congress attendees

SHAH ALAM: Politicians from across the divide joined Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad on the same stage at the Malay Dignity Congress which saw some controversial demands made by the attendees.


Light brighter than the sun to virtually decipher ancient scrolls

LONDON (Reuters) - Scientists at Britain's national synchrotron facility have harnessed powerful light beams to virtually unwrap and decipher fragile scrolls dating back some 2,000 years in a process they hope will provide new insights into the ancient world.

Food News

Curious Cook: Jackfruit of all trades... and a little durian on the side

The jackfruit is a worldwide hit, particularly with those looking for meat substitutes. Curious Cook columnist Chris Chan explores the evolution of the fruit, and compares it to the durian too.


After New York visit, looted coffin of ancient Egyptian priest goes home

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The gilded coffin of a high-ranking ancient Egyptian priest, which had been buried, looted and illegally sold before going on public display at a New York museum, was returned on Wednesday to Egyptian authorities.