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Asia & Oceania

Hyperwalk in Hong Kong

Can you can walk or run for 100km up and down hills within 48 hours? While also enduring scorching sun, chilling nights and sleep deprivation ...


HBO hosts bashing session for King Joffrey of 'Game Of Thrones'

All haters are invited to roast the despicable villain in social media campaign.


Hang on, Firestorm's coming!

'Firestorm' is as explosive as it gets when it comes to crazy stunts.


City of dreams

Kolumpo gives us a look at Kuala Lumpur through the colourful stories of its people.


Top 10 movie heroines

MOVIES have traditionally been male dominated, with female characters portrayed as in need of saving. But there are some female movie characters that don't need men to look after them. Check out our list of these heroines that can stand their own ground.


A walk to remember

Paul Walker was rock-solid guy in life and films.


Running success from South Korea

Running Man, another phenomenal export from South Korea, features a mix of reality TV, variety show, games and competition.


10 things you should never do at the airport

Whatever you do to deal with the often stressful airport experience, take our advice – don’t ever do these 10 things.


Where there's a wheel, there's a way

The travel and hospitality industry should apply the principles of universal design to their products and services.