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Beauty Q: How to make eye make-up stay on, and revive greasy or limp hair

A good primer is useful as it preps the eyelids and helps fix colours. Also, oily scalp is a natural and quite a common thing.


Scientist keeps his focus on earthquakes and tsunamis

Much work is being done to better-forecast the occurrence of these natural disasters.


What is shingles?

Shingles is a result of the same virus that causes chickenpox.


Alzheimer’s affects caregivers too

The issue of care in Alzheimer’s disease should not focus solely on the patient as caregivers need support too.


You, too, can reduce stress just by being 'mindful'

Mindful-Gym is a five-week, group-based programme with weekly three-hour sessions and daily simple self-help exercises for stress reduction.


Celebrities find family sagas a winning formula

Famous families’ lives are up for dissetion again with a new line-up of books on dynasties with a rich history.


Health benefits of parkrun stretch well beyond the physical

Running in the park can benefit help you lose weight and gain better mental strength, says study.


Wild weather: Pinpointing human factors in climate change

Are stronger typhoons caused by humans? A new global network of climate scientists hope to provide the answers in real-time.


Celebrating creativity: Craft showcase at Krafest in Kuala Lumpur

An experiential showcase featuring a team of self-made crafters aim to offer Malaysian handmade with a twist.


China’s one-child policy: Putting all eggs in one basket

In the face of a growing aged population, China has loosened its one-child policy – but no one is sure if it will solve the problems it has created.