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Fitness, the SAS way

Ryan does not profess to create Terminator Arnie in you within six weeks,butwhat he does promise is that you will see a physical difference in your torso


Construction concerns

SINCE ancient times, sages have stressed that people should live in tune with the universal energies and be in balance with the five elements so that the forces work for them rather than against.


Custom-made implants

THE technique of using prostheses to replace parts of the human body has been around for a while. With the successful use of implants for knee and hip replacements, interest has now inevitably shifted to the use of artificial discs to replace damaged intervertebral discs.


Eyeing the force

DR ONG HEAN-TATT argues that certain glands of the body may constitute the #8216;third eye#8217; and feng shui forces acting on it may be beneficial.


Sperm around the world

Men in some countries have higher sperm counts than men in other nations. TIMOTHY GOWER has the details.


Ozone in the body

Treating blood with ozone may seem a rather strange practice, but as PHILIP GOLINGAI finds out, there is a science behind this unique form of therapy.


Chesty confusion

Since we#8217;re on the subject of hair, it#8217;s impossible to ignore that other kind of male hair that often evokes strong reactions #8211; hairy chests. They went completely out of vogue in the squeaky clean 1990s but are making a furry comeback, discovers REENA GURBAKSH.


The body's power lines

QI, the energy that #8216;powers#8217; feng shui, can affect some parts of the human body which may explain how geomancy can benefit people, argues DR ONG HEAN-TATT.


Using yantras and mantras

ONE of the purest forms of rectification in I>Vasthu Sastra/Iis the placement of I>yantras/I(mystical diagrams) in the eight cardinal compass directions of a property.


Don't be driven by profits, medical sector told

People working in the medical sector should not be driven by profits but should broaden their concern to cover the well-being of the society and the world as a whole, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad said.