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Remembering the birth of MAS, as told by Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman

Taking something little and turning it into an airline as big as any other — that is the achievement Tan Sri Aziz Abdul Rahman is most proud of.


Datuk Meer Sadik Habib opens his home to reveal his most precious jewel

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, but for Datuk Meer Sadik Habib and his wife, Darin Zarida Noordin, their most precious jewel is their family.


Pikachu pulls in the crowd

A Sip Of Matcha: Talk about Pokémon and Pikachu would spring to mind.


Kitty in outer space says 'Hello!'

Japan’s ambassador of cute goes on a government-funded mission to outer space - no word from aliens so far.


Television vs Cinema: A battle of the screens

Has television viewing upped the ante so much that it now surpasses the movie-going experience?


Staying in is cool when you can do movie nights at home with the family

Tricked out home media rooms are becoming popular as families count the cost of going out to the cinemas.


Grrr! Science proves dog jealousy is a real thing

A new study confirms that, yes, dogs can morph into green-eyed monsters.


Top designers show what they're made of at Audi Fashion Festival

The who’s who of Asian couture showcased their best at the recent festival in Singapore.


Nightmare or dream? Ryan Gosling fantasy debut divides Cannes

Nightmare or dream? Ryan Gosling fantasy debut divides Cannes.


There's reward in work

Meet the seniors who work well into their seventies and eighties, and are loving every minute of it.