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Divergent: Of fiction and factions

A movie based on a hit young adult novel about life in a segregated dystopian world? Is Divergent a Hunger Games rip-off? You be the judge.


Malaysians pledge solidarity at #UniteforMH370 event

The vigil event saw hundreds of people showing their support for the family and friends of those on board the plane.


VMY 2014 contest offers Proton Preve to Indonesian visitors

Indonesians who visit Malaysia during VMY 2014 stand the chance to win a brand new national car.


DJ Dave reflects on what is to come

Datuk Irwan Shah, better known as DJ Dave, 66, does not drink cold drinks, eats lots of fruits and vegetables and starts his day with 50 push-ups.


'Marco Polo' stuntman and Jet Li's body double, Ju Kun, was also on Flight MH370

New Netflix series Marco Polo's co-fight choreographer, a veteran Hollywood stuntman, was a passenger on the lost Flight MH370.


KL landmark the star at Sapporo snow festival

You’ve never seen this spectacular Kuala Lumpur building quite like this. And if you’re lucky enough to be in Sapporo now, you will be frozen in amazement!


Idora Wan Rabe’al strikes a balance

The brand and communications expert talks about sustaining a meaningful life in today’s fast-paced world.


The best that money can buy for travellers to Malaysia

Besides the mass tourism market, Malaysia also has some luxurious pickings.


Raising the stakes of 'Asia's Next Top Model'

FOX International Channels Asia brings you glamour and drama with the premiere of the second season of model reality TV series 'Asia’s Next Top Model'.


Malaysia road trip through British eyes

Unspoilt beaches, barbecued fish in sambal sauce and laid-back kampung living ... the writer takes a road trip from Kuala Lumpur into eastern Malaysia.