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Addressing palm oil concerns

A conference reveals that Malaysia is constantly seeking to improve the sustainability of its palm oil industry.

Asia & Oceania

Greening the skies

This Asian airline is the first to invest in biofuel to power their planes.


A sick Great Barrier Reef is about to catch a really bad coal

The Great Barrier Reef is sick. Almost half of its coral is already dead and a massive new coal mine will only cause further damage.


Lead is still a threat

Aviation is the last major source of toxic lead in the United States.


Eye on Imbak Canyon

A new research centre has been set up in this remote and untouched area of Sabah to facilitate the study of our flora and fauna.

Food News

Recipe: A two-part lamb dish

Le Meridien chefs show how to make braised lamb shank in your own kitchen.


Eco-activist, photographer Arthus-Bertrand: Spreading green fervour

Yann Arthus-Bertrand's mission is to save mankind by teaching us to love our beautiful planet.


Power up with trash

In Canada, the waste is the same as at municipal waste plants around the world – items that can’t be recycled and are destined for landfills or incinerators. But the fate that awaits Alberta’s garbage is different: It’s being turned into biofuel.


The water-energy pact

World Water Day 2014 focuses on the deep-rooted relationship between water and energy.


Forest feasts: Dining on the trail

Roast lamb, nasi lemak and pancakes in the wild jungle? A unique outdoor cooking course shows how it can be done.