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WrestleMania 32: The Undertaker's last ride?

The “Super Bowl of wrestling” has many big matches lined up, but the one everybody is keeping an eye on is Shane McMahon vs The Undertaker.

Nepal: Ten months after the earthquake

The Nepal earthquake may have left in its wake ruins; but along with that came resilience.

Dear Thelma: I really don't know how to get over her

After being dumped by an older woman, he wonders how to get over her and if he should be in another relationship.

Chile’s quake experts create buildings that sway and bounce

Buildings in Santiago are expected to survive big quakes.

Being blessed with grandchildren even before retirement has its perks

The joys of being young grandparents include being able to keep up the little ones.

When the ayu fish arrive, it's the sweet sign of summer

It’s spring in Japan when the cherry blossom blooms. And it’s not summer until the ayu fish is on the table.

Dear Thelma: My wife should be grateful for my sacrifices

He doesn't understand why his wife is not happy that he places his parents and siblings before her and his stepson.

Love letter to Paris

When our columnist finally visits Paris, she finds that it is everything, and nothing, like what she’d expected.

Marine invasive species benefiting from rising CO2 levels

Algae and jellyfish spreading their territories due to ocean acidification.

Apartments stacked like toy blocks win World Building of the Year

The World Architecture Festival 2015 recognised the year’s best building and other structures and projects of distinct calibre.