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Canadian PM's party barely holds 'safe' seat after strong Liberal challenge

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's ruling Conservatives only narrowly held onto what had been viewed as a safe seat in a district election on Monday after a scandal over Senate expenses hit his party's support.


Drug-taking Toronto mayor poses dilemma for Canadian government

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Toronto's crack-smoking Mayor Rob Ford is a headache Canada's right-leaning government could do without.


Canadian prime minister under pressure over expenses scandal

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada's main opposition leader accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Wednesday of creating a "culture of corruption" as Harper faced an expenses scandal that looked to be spiralling into the biggest crisis of his seven years in office.


Canadian government to outline new priorities next month

OTTAWA (Reuters) - The Canadian government will outline its policy priorities for the second half of its four-year mandate on October 16, after delaying the start of Parliament by a month.


Canadian prime minister brings in new-look team after scandal

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper brought new, younger faces into his cabinet on Monday after an expenses scandal dented his Conservative government's popularity, but he kept senior players such as Finance Minister Jim Flaherty in place.


Canada PM to announce new team of ministers after scandal

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper will conduct a major cabinet shuffle on Monday to put a fresh face on a Conservative government struggling to overcome an expenses scandal, political sources said on Sunday.


Canadian poll shows Trudeau Liberals far ahead

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada's new Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau, would lead his party to a crushing election victory if a vote were held now, according to a poll released on Tuesday that put Liberal support substantially higher than other recent surveys have shown.


Canada's Conservatives already out with anti-Trudeau ads

OTTAWA (Reuters) - The governing Conservative Party gave Justin Trudeau no honeymoon in his new role as leader of the Liberal Party, with attack ads launched on Monday that questioned if he has the judgment to run Canada.


Canadian Liberals pick Justin Trudeau

OTTAWA: Canadian Liberals on Sunday chose Justin Trudeau, eldest son of former prime minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, to lead the party as it seeks to rebound from a major defeat at the polls in 2011.


Trudeau scion hopes for Trudeaumania 2.0 in Canada

MONTREAL (Reuters) - The charismatic son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau declared his candidacy for the leadership of the Liberal Party on Tuesday, hoping to recreate the sort of buzz that made his father prime minister in 1968.