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Food News

Eat wild shoots and leaves – it's the better way

We can survive the concrete jungle with the help of the actual jungle, says French ethnobotanist François Couplan.

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Eat the colours of the rainbow for good health

The new cooking show, ‘Eat A Rainbow’, hosted by Hong Kong TVB artiste Gigi Wong, will begin airing on Christmas Day.

Food News

Gordon Ramsay's 14-year-old daughter to publish cookbook

Chef dad also offers some tips and tricks.

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Hot from the kitchen

Airing shows that encompass all facets of gastronomy – from kitchen culture to practical know-how – is right in keeping with’s philosophy of giving viewers more.

Food News

Global cooking competition to go part vegetarian

The world's most prestigious cooking competition has introduced a new challenge that will involve cooking a main dish composed entirely of vegetables.

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It's fake but more people will be eating this in 2017

People are beginning to notice the health and environmental perils of red meat and are increasingly turning to faux meat.

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Looking at cooking schools? Here's a taste of one

If you’ve ever dreamt of learning to cook at Le Cordon Bleu, the famed culinary institution’s workshops provide a glimpse of what they do over there.

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There's much food for thought in this upcoming conference

Malaysia’s first Food and Society Conference will provide substantial fodder for thought.

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Get a spot of tea and kick your coffee addiction

Is a tea storm brewing or is it, like the British are wont to say, just a storm in a tea cup?