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TECH 30 Apr 2017 | 11:00 PM

Do touchscreens make driving more dangerous?

Consumers are demanding more and more gadgets in cars, but road safety experts are worried.

TECH 12 Apr 2017 | 12:30 AM

How artificial life spawned a billion-dollar industry

Scientists are getting closer to building life from scratch and technology pioneers are taking notice, with record sums moving into a field that could deliver novel drugs, materials, chemicals and even perfumes.

TECH 10 Apr 2017 | 3:30 AM

Beer, bots and broadcasts: Companies start using AI in the Cloud

Back in October, Deschutes Brewery Inc’s Brian Faivre was fermenting a batch of Obsidian Stout in a massive tank. Something was amiss; the beer wasn’t fermenting at the usual temperature. Luckily, a software system triggered a warning and he fixed the problem.

TECH 27 Feb 2017 | 2:30 AM

As bee populations dwindle, robot bees may pick up some of their pollination slack

One day, gardeners might not just hear the buzz of bees among their flowers, but the whirr of robots, too.

TECH 18 Jan 2017 | 2:30 AM

Armed with apps and crops, women lead battle to save Senegal’s shrinking farmland

The women of Thiamene, a tiny straw hut village in northern Senegal, used to scrape together a living by collecting wild baobab fruit and selling milk from their cows.

TECH 27 Dec 2016 | 11:00 PM

Myanmar farmers reap rewards from 3D printing

In an industrial park south of Myanmar's commercial hub, 3D printing technology is now being used to design bespoke parts that are changing the lives of impoverished farmers.

TECH 13 Dec 2016 | 10:30 PM

California warehouses promised lots of jobs, but robot workforce slows hiring

When Skechers started building a colossal distribution centre in Moreno Valley, California, six years ago, backers promised a wave of new jobs. Instead, by the time the company moved into the new warehouse, it had closed five facilities and cut its workforce by more than half.

TECH 19 Sep 2016 | 3:00 AM

The new weapon for beating hunger – data

With a single smartphone app, you can now get a pretty accurate forecast of the weather anywhere in the world. That’s largely thanks to a decision by science agencies, a decade ago, to put online their satellite data and make it available for free.

TECH 13 Sep 2016 | 12:30 AM

Drones growing as a tool on California farms

Bay Area techies aren't the only ones experimenting with drones and robots. Farmers just a few hours away have begun using the machines to spray crops with pesticides, gather data, track crop health and find water leaks on their land.

TECH 28 Aug 2016 | 11:30 PM

Starbound: Stellar adventures

Sometimes, a single planet isn’t enough to sate your thirst for exploration and wanderlust; you need a sandbox adventure game that takes you across multiple solar systems and through galaxy-spanning space adventures. My friend, you need to get Starbound.