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Garmin unveils dedicated fitness and sleep tracker

GARMIN has already created a handful of GPS sport watches and other navigational gadgets, but now, it has announced its newest offering: a dedicated fitness and health tracking band, featuring a battery that lasts a year and hourly motivation to get you up from your desk.


Spectacle on stage

If you’re into acrobatic stunts and state-of-the-art effects, new musical LightSeeker will light your fire.

Asia & Oceania

A guide to shopping in Vietnam

To be a smart shopper in Vietnam, it would be useful for tourists to be prepared with a few tricks up their sleeves.


Making a difference

In November, this writer left his aesthetic practice behind to lend a badly needed medical hand among those affected by Typhoon Haiyan.


The danger of melting ice

An adventurer who has walked to both the North and South Poles, enduring even ice in his underwear, seeks to tell the world about the global perils of melting ice.


Films that changed cinema

'Gravity' makes a swath of films seem redundant. Here are some past movies that have altered forever what we watch on the big screen.


Expect the unexpected

As she approaches 40, the writer vows to unwrap life’s surprising packages – with anticipation and joy.

Movie Review

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Despite being rather predictable, there is a sweetness to this movie that makes it a secret worth sharing.


Woman in charge

Through her illustrious career in the Indian police service, Kiran Bedi has proven that a woman’s ability to reach out can change the world.


A privileged life

KIRAN Bedi knew from young that she was destined to “be somebody”. As a girl, she led a privileged life, not because she grew up in wealth but because her parents gave her wings to fly.