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Fugitive tycoon Vijay Mallya cries foul over Twitter hack

Fugitive Indian businessman Vijay Mallya said that his Twitter account had been penetrated by a hacking group called Legion, which posted links to what it alleged were details of Mallya's bank accounts, offshore investments and luxury cars.


Elevator makers think outside the box – and even sideways

ThyssenKrupp's new US$43mil (RM192.53mil) elevator test tower soars 246 metres (808 ft) above the German town of Rottweil, but the company's lifts chief is not only thinking vertically.


Social media faux pas in 2016: The annoying, the bad and the ugly

Social media can be a dark and twisted place, full of your high school friends cranking out their seventh kid and your aunt spouting horrifying political beliefs.


Google, Facebook, and Pew are going after cyber con jobs and fake news

Cyber con jobs are on the rise, wreaking havoc on consumers and the social fabric, new evidence from Google, Facebook and the Pew Research Centre argues.


Switch from 3G to 4G SIM card to enter Maxis' RM1mil giveaway campaign

Maxis and Hotlink customers who upgrade their 3G SIM card to a 4G SIM card now be a part of a RM1mil giveaway campaign.


Delta rolls out facial recognition technology

Delta Air Lines has become the latest carrier to introduce facial recognition technology, which will match fliers with their passport photos during the self-service bag drop-off process.


JetBlue launches paperless, deviceless self-boarding facial recognition technology

JetBlue is the latest airline to implement facial recognition technology and has expanded the service by eliminating the need for boarding passes and mobile devices.


Internet outage in violence-plagued Somalia is extra headache for businesses

A severed marine cable has left Somalia without Internet for weeks, triggering losses for businesses, residents said, and adding a layer of chaos in a country where Islamist insurgents are carrying out a campaign of bombings and killings.


Wisconsin company offers employees microchip implants

A Wisconsin vending machine company is offering its employees a chance to have a microchip implanted in their hands that they could use to buy snacks, log in to computers or use the copy machine.


US judge sets US$30,000 bail for hacker who stopped WannaCry

A US judge in Las Vegas set a US$30,000 (RM128,410) bail on Friday for a well-known British cyber security researcher accused of advertising and selling malicious code used to pilfer banking and credit card informat