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What's a 'forest' and what does 'deforestation' mean?

The definitions of a forest, deforestation and zero deforestation are more complicated than you might think.

Drought alters familiar landscape in Yosemite

Climate change exerts toll on famous national park in the US.

Thirsty? In California eateries, you need to ask for water

Gone are the days of free, unrequested tap water.

Meet Matt Black, 'Time' magazine’s 2014 Instagram Photographer of the Year

He's a man of few words but many pictures, and he has a lot to say through his works.

2 students see the state of pollution first hand while on a 14-month kayak

French oceanography researchers, Douglas Couet and Louis Wilmotte, expected to find pollution on their kayak journey from Gibraltar to Istanbul but what shocked them was the endless spread of cities along the coast.

Dear Tree: Melbourne's greenery replies to fanmail

Thanks to a climate change awareness campaign, 70,000 trees in Melbourne, Australia, are now receiving and replying to messages from their fans.

2014 was a trying year, but our chance to learn and improve

It's been one heck of a year for Malaysia - disasters, drought, floods, kidnappings – enough fodder for conspiracy theorists and moviemakers for a decade.

#TheYearThatWas: Distressing environmental issues in Malaysia in 2014

It has been a year marked by widespread deforestation, unpredictable weather, wildlife poaching and potentially destructive development schemes.

You clicked it! The 20 most-read TSOL Lifestyle stories of 2014

Nude leaks, nasi lemak, Diego Garcia – take another look at this year’s most-read stories in TSOL Lifestyle!

More hotels are going green, and it’s not just to save water or money

Through measures like conserving water and electricity, and planting drought-tolerant plants, some hotels are doing their bit for Mother Earth.