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Facebook admits social media can be bad if you use it in this way

Facebook's mission is to "bring the world closer together", but the tech firm this year has faced mounting criticism that social media could be ripping society apart.


Beyond the car: how tech firms are exploring the future of transport

Carless commuting is cruising in the fast lane at the Consumer Electronics Show, with companies showing off electric bicycles, scooters, skateboards and more aimed at making the internal combustion engine a thing of the past.


The sneaky science behind your kid’s tech obsessions

Son won't turn off his videogame? Daughter obsessed with "likes" on Instagram? It may not be entirely their fault.


Likes, comments and sometimes sales — how Instagram is shaping the art world

As a member of a millennia-old profession, 28-year-old artist Laura Rokas can do her job – painting, sculpting, drawing, weaving – without the help of most modern technology. But the Bay Area artist makes one exception: Instagram.


Not many people are leaving Facebook, despite the #DeleteFacebook movement on Twitter

After the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal involving Facebook where user data was illegally accessed and logged, as well as the subsequent revelation that the Facebook Messenger app has been logging all calls and messages made on users' Android phone, you would have thought that users would perhaps exit the otherwise popular social media network.


New mobile games: Big names on small screens

You can do battle in the realm of Tekken, live your dreams in digital, become a Norse god or help build a settlement. Here's a look at four of the freshest smartphone games.


Homeless? This startup has an app for that

Chris Sun was trying to persuade homeless people to accept free money, which, in this case, was harder than it seemed.


Goo-gle gaga: Parenting in the age of Alexa and her ilk

Hey parents: What if there was a machine that could respond to your kids’ every command, never tiring, even if they ask it to tell jokes for two hours or answer all their homework questions?


Five products making waves at the IFA in Berlin

The 2018 IFA might not make history, but the consumer electronics show has nonetheless provided the venue for a number of spectacular announcements.


In WeChat-dominated China, new messenger app scores sudden success

Bullet Messenger, a Chinese messaging app, has racked up millions of downloads since its debut just a few weeks ago, using a stripped-down design to chip off a chunk of a sophisticated, billion-user market.