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(Updated) Catch HK actors Louis Koo and Nick Cheung in KL on Aug 7

Hong Kong actors Louis Koo and Nick Cheung will be in Kuala Lumpur on August 7 in conjunction with the release of their latest film, 'Line Walker 2 Invisible Spy'.


Why rehabilitation is important to recover from a stroke or injury

Proper rehabilitation requires more than a physiotherapist – in most cases, it takes professionals from multiple disciplines to get a patient back on his feet.


Suffering from chronic pain and muscle aches?

Fibromyalgia is a disorder that involves widespread musculoskeletal pain. It is also accompanied by fatigue, poor sleep, poor memory and poor mood


Indonesian singer Niki opened for Taylor Swift when she was 15

When she was nine years old, Niki taught herself to play guitar so she could write songs too, after watching a programme featuring Taylor Swift where the pop singer talked about composing songs on her guitar


What is multiple sclerosis and how to cope with this crippling disease

In multiple sclerosis or MS, the immune system that is supposed to defend and protect the body, starts attacking the protective sheath (myelin) that covers the nerve fibres in the brain and spinal cord.


Andy Lau's investors cared more about losing money than his health

Speaking on Chinese talk show A Date With Luyu, Andy Lau noted that their reaction to his health setbacks was entirely different from the messages of concern from his fans.


How to be a happy traveller

Regardless of how and where we travel, the most important thing we must bring along is an open mind. That way, we will gain the best experiences and memories and can even turn a negative incident into a positive one.

Food News

Dads who cook every day for their families

Dads Henry Kok and Glenn Nunis are both talented home cooks who cook dishes like assam fish, deep-fried prawns with lemon curd sauce, chicken pongtey and prawn pineapple curry every day for their families.


Dear Thelma: I'm cheating on my loving husband with a married man

A woman has a loving husband but is having an affair with a married man.