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Slow local take-up for location based services

Local businesses have yet to catch on to the potential that location based services can have on their organisation.


User uptake of location-based services growing

Location-based services have taken the tech world by storm. Almost every technology blog is brimming with headlines about the rapidly growing trend.


Closer to you: The appeal of location based mobile services

Location based services is the new marketing tactic that companies are considering in order to forge better relationships with their customer base.


The power of presence: Leveraging on location based data

Location based services can potentially benefit more businesses through its innovative use to enhance current operations.


Alibaba joins China arms maker to offer location services

Alibaba has joined forces with China’s biggest defence company to offer location-based services using a homegrown satellite navigation system that competes with the US GPS network, the firms said.


Faking of GPS data a growing and potentially lethal danger, expert warns

With a plethora of location-based services hitting the market, GPS appears to be an essential feature in today's digitally driven world. But GPS data can be used to create serious problems if control falls into the wrong hands, an expert warns.


Data analytics crucial for a competitive edge

Most Malaysian companies have not really caught on with trends such as big data and location-based services, says Fujitsu.


Nokia to shut Indian mobile money service

Nokia will close down Nokia Money, a financial service it runs in India, as it continues to narrow its focus on its phone business and location-based services.


Baidu scrambles to monetise its mobile real estate

The biggest Chinese technology company traded in the United States needs to figure out how to make money when you use its mobile Internet services.


Tapping the power of connected data through the Cloud

The proliferation of connected devices is transforming the way we interact with each other and with objects around us.