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Why the dollar will remain strong

Think Asian - By Andrew Sheng
THE Fed failed to raise interest rates on Sept 21, giving many markets and fund managers a sigh of relief.

Relative strength: So far, the US dollar has been strong against emerging market currencies, flat against the euro and weakened relative to the yen. – AFP

It’s not just economics, stupid

HONG Kong’s latest election results suggest that its elites still do not quite get it.

The misbehaviour of markets

BEFORE the Global Financial Crisis of 2007, the market was God and the master who made the belief possible, former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan, walked on water.

Capitalist barons: Internet giants achieve winner-take-all dominance or market share by giving ‘free goods’, such as convenient search engines and free Internet memory for users. In reality, the Internet user has willingly traded his private information and market behaviour records in exchange to the Internet platform for use to its advantage. – AFP

Imminent threat of climate change

UNTIL recently, few mainstream economists took climate change seriously in projecting growth. Weather is something the polite talk about when they have nothing to say.

Why do Chinese think differently from the West?

Think Asian - By Andrew Sheng
WE live in an age of science and technology, so strictly speaking science should be able to forecast the future and help us make decisions better. But in this Age of Uncertainty, the best economic models did not predict the global financial crisis.

The Age of Uncertainty

THE Age of Uncertainty is a book and BBC series by the late Harvard economist John Kenneth Galbraith, produced in 1977, about how we have moved from the age of certainty in 19th century economic thought to a present that is full of unknowns.

The global mahjong winner’s curse

There is grave concern that the world economy is slipping into what Harvard professor and former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers calls the global secular deflation. In simple terms, growth has slowed without inflation, despite exceptionally stimulative monetary policy.

Like mahjong: The current world situation is like the Chinese game of mahjong which has four players with a limited number of chips. If one player is the persistent winner, he or she ends up with all the chips and the game ends.

An Asian view of Brexit – a tragedy or comedy of errors?

TWO weeks ago, the world woke up to find that the British actually voted 51.9% for an exit from the European Union (EU).

What will happen next?(A still image from video shows Britains Prime Minister David Cameron speaking to the House of Commons during Prime Ministers Questions, in London, Britain July 6, 2016. - REUTERS)

When did globalisation truly begin?

Think Asian - By ANDREW SHENG
1492 is associated with the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. By 1498, when Vasco da Gama opened up the sea route via the Cape of Good Hope to Asia via Africa, trade became truly globalised. Prior to 1492, trade between Europe and Asia was dominated by Islamic traders from Spain to Malacca, via the sea route and also overland via Bagdad to China through the Silk Road.

News in brief

EMERGING Asia falls into two camps — the open, highly-sensitive economies and the more closed economies, according to HSBC Global Research.