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Will the US dollar continue to strengthen?

Think Asian by Andrew Sheng
AFTER a bout of US dollar strengthening in anticipation of President Trump’s promises to increase infrastructure spending, cut taxes and get America going, the dollar has in fact reversed and weakened against the euro and the yen.

US dollar impact: A strong US dollar signals slower rest of the world growth but a weaker dollar tends to be good for the rest of the world. – Bloomberg

Fake news is quantum reality

WE are being bombarded daily by so much shocking about-turns in global events that we no longer know who or what to believe.

Will Frexit follow Brexit?

THIS week, global financial markets were relieved by the lead of French presidential centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron in the first round over the right-wing Marine Le Pen, creating a second election on May 7.

For Frexit: French presidential election candidate for the far-right Front National party Marine Le Pen gesturing to her fans after meeting fishermen in the harbour of Le Grau-du-Roi, southern France, on Thursday. – AFP

Tweets, TED and change through technology

TECHNOLOGY is so pervasive these days that we either have techno-optimism – that everything can be solved through technology – or technophobia – that technology will get rid of all our jobs and create populism and protectionism.

Brexit – implications for Asia

Think Asian by Andrew Sheng
BEING in London when UK Prime Minister Theresa May formally triggered Article 50 in filing for divorce from the European Union was bitter-sweet.

Search for cultural-intellectual rejuvenation in Asia

Think Asian - By Andrew Sheng
LAST month, Professor Michael Heng argued in Singapore that in order to achieve the Asian Century, there is a need for Asian cultural-intellectual rejuvenation. Heng’s lecture was in the tradition of NUS Dean Kishore Mahbubani’s 1998 challenge – “Can Asians think?”

The agony and ecstasy of globalisation

DEPENDING who you talk to, globalisation happened either in 1492, when Christopher Columbus discovered America in search of the Orient, or sometime in the middle of 19th century, when America decided to look outwards for global trade after its Civil War.

It’s the border tax, stupid!

US president Donald Trump finally sounded presidential at his address to the US Congress this week, after a tumultuous first month of sound and fury in tweets, executive orders and policy switches that left friends and foes around the world in total confusion.

Trump is the first 21st politician that is using 21st technology to deliver his messages to the people, bypassing the traditional media, intellectuals, bureaucracy and the establishment. — AFP

Stop the World, I want to get off!

Think Asian - By Andrew Sheng
JUST under one month after Donald Trump has assumed the presidency of the United States, the old order has been turned upside down.

Crisis of the West or crisis of faith?

Think Asian - By Andrew Sheng
OVER the Chinese New Year holidays, we were all treated to the Trump Reality Show, changing the world we thought we understood with various tweets or executive orders.