Report card for MPs for transparency

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  • Monday, 15 Apr 2019

INDEED, it is high “Time for MPs’ voting records to be made public” (Star Says, April 14; online at Given the majority of Malaysians voted in a new administration based on the desire for greater transparency and accountability, this would improve feedback on MPs’ time spent in Parliament and their abilities to make a difference to the workings of Parliament.

If MPs are to work for the benefit of their constituents, voting records help voters determine the effectiveness of MPs’ political pledges. Voting records also help to show the effectiveness of the government’s ability to carry out its promises as well as the strength of the checks and balances provided by the Opposition – a strong Opposition is the hallmark of a maturing democracy, after all.

In short, it will be useful if a report card of sorts be kept of MPs’ Parliamentary attendances and

legislation voting records. This

process is made easy with today’s digital capabilities. A timely and accurate report will provide feedback to interested citizens.

This record card would also allow the rakyat to check on their MP’s diligence on the Parlia-mentary floor and their voting records make their policy promises and voting intentions a transparent

and accountable process.

Put simply, MPs’ transparency and accountability improve their responsibility and “response-ability” levels to help bring in urgent changes and reforms to drive our nation forward.


Kajang, Selangor


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