Mutual respect on the road saves lives

AS I use a motorcycle to commute daily, I fully support the proposal by the Road Safety Department to restrict motorcyclists to the left lane of highways to reduce crashes and fatalities involving riders.

I’m actually amused when I see riders of smaller motorcycles using the middle and right lane where cars are travelling a lot faster than them. This is dangerous not only to the rider but also to other road users. An experienced rider knows the dangers of using the main road and that he needs to be extra aware of his surroundings because he is less visible and prone to heavier injuries if he is involved in a crash.

I know some riders can become very aggressive because they think they deserve to be treated equally as other road users. Being a car user as well, I know how infuriating motorcyclists can be so it is best to be considerate of each other. When there’s understanding, accidents can be avoided.

Having proper and well-maintained motorcycle lanes is also a must. Most of my biker friends avoid using the lanes that are available now because of safety reasons. For example, the lanes are not well lit and have sharp corners that are dangerous. They are also prone to flash floods and mugging cases have occurred at night.

Meanwhile, the move to limit the speed of motorcycles with a 150cc engine and below to a maximum of 70kph should be re-considered. It would be dangerous for riders using the left lane to travel at that speed while lorries and trucks cruise by them at faster speeds.

Ride and drive safe, everyone.



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