BAM should conduct post-mortem investigation

CONGRATULATIONS to Datuk Lee Chong Wei on winning the gold medal at the 21st Commonwealth Games. Congratulations also to our ladies doubles pair, Vivian Hoo and Chow Mei Kuan, on winning the gold despite being a scratch pair and also in their first outing in the Games.

However, the senior players in our badminton squad (all disciplines) have been very disappointing. Time and again, they promised to bounce back after a disappointing outing but results have proven otherwise.

Losing is part and parcel of any game but to lose to opponents who are well below their ranking is another matter.

My personal opinion is that they have been given far too many rewards by the Government, Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) and private sector. Since their achievements in the Rio Olympics, they (Chong Wei aside) have been on the decline.

If a 35-year-old player can beat someone 11 years younger who is also higher ranked, I just don’t understand how experienced and younger players can lose to those who are rarely seen in other tournaments. Even a scratch partnership has proven their worth!

The above comments are made because a lot of money and facilities (halls and coaches) are being provided to ensure that the players have the very best.

I think BAM should conduct a thorough post-mortem exercise and come up with some positive action for the future of Malaysian badminton.

Malaysia has always been one of the top-ranking badminton playing countries!


Subang Jaya