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It's Just Politics

The Muhyiddin paradox in Pahang's Malay heartland

The by-election for the Chini state seat was ongoing and I decided to take a road trip to the Malay heartland in Pahang. I visited the parliamentary seats of Pekan (where Chini is located), Kuala Krau, Temerloh and Bera.

Asian Editors Circle

Asia doesn’t need an October Surprise

RECENTLY, as the United States aircraft carriers Nimitz and Ronald Reagan conducted war games in the South China Sea to strong protests from Beijing, Indian newspapers were reporting what appears to be a limited pullback by Chinese troops who had entered the disputed Galwan Valley in the Ladakh Himalayas in June, causing a fierce clash that saw the first loss of lives on the Sino-Indian border in more than three decades.

With All Due Respect

Let justice be seen to be done

I JUST recently learnt from an international arbitration news site that the Malaysian government had reached an amicable settlement with the estate of Boonsom Boonyanit, a Thai national, some time in October 2018.

All the pieces matter

#MasaKita: Let’s do this

LET’S do this. Let’s do this now.

The Star Says

Parents must teach children the importance of SOP

FINALLY, Year One to Year Four pupils will be resuming classes on Wednesday, making them the last batch of children to physically return to school.

On The Beat

Killer on the loose

THE reason for my father’s passing, as detailed in his death certificate, is septicaemia. It means serious blood stream infection caused by bacterial contamination in its host.


A contemptuous tempest unfolds

A DOMESTIC weekend getaway to rehabilitate constitutions and provide fresh inspiration (incidentally in the parliamentary constituency of the fourth and seventh Prime Minister) unavoidably included much discussion about threats to the national constitution and the aspirations of particular individuals (especially those surrounding the eighth Prime Minister and those vying to be the ninth and 10th).

Reflecting On The Law

Put Rukunegara at the core of govt

AUGUST 31 this year will be doubly sacred. Besides being the 63rd anniversary of Merdeka, it will be the 50th anniversary of our Rukunegara.

One Man's Meat

Back to school with apprehension and mask

This morning, I'm not sure who will be more stressed - my 12-year-old daughter or me? Today is the first day of school for Years Five and Six pupils.

Colours of China

Educators should be role models

A FEW years ago, I met a Star Wars fan who not only watched the movie series but also collected all the merchandise and attended the side events both in Malaysia and overseas.

Putting Dr G On The Spot

Dirty Pillow Talk

Silent Sam asks Dr G about bedroom problems.

Heart Talk

Life is more than just about politics

Instead of getting riled up by the antics of our politicians that are beyond our control, why don’t we focus on our family, friends and neigbours instead?

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