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Reflecting On The Law

Royal rule amid leadership change

The sagacity of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong can steer the nation through uncertainty if the PM post is vacated unexpectedly.

Vital Signs

Managing the coronavirus outbreak is a marathon, not a sprint

With no signs of the novel coronavirus outbreak slowing down, healthcare professionals need to settle in and strategise for the long haul.

So Aunty, So What?

When Korean isn’t all Greek

By winning the highest accolade in filmdom, ‘Parasite’ proved language is no barrier to audiences and success.

All the pieces matter

PPSMI: Be data driven, not tribal

THE debate about teaching Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI) is quite typical as far as Malaysian debates go, in that people very often take a position based on their identity.

Colours of China

Lack of hygiene awareness

WHILE many people zero in on those who eat wild animals for the novel coronavirus outbreak, I beg to differ. I would blame it on the lack of hygiene awareness among the Chinese, which I dare say is one big problem.


Death of western democracies?

What South-East Asia can learn from the fragility of the American and British political systems.

The Star Says

Love and compassion during outbreak

IT has been a time of fear and confusion these past few weeks as we are inundated daily with reports about the deadly novel coronavirus respiratory disease.

Heart Talk

A different ball game in citizenship

The government seems to have scored an own goal in awarding citizenship to Kosovan footballer Liridon Krasniqi while some 30,000 Malaysia-born citizenship applicants remain stateless.

On The Beat

More changes ahead?

A sea change happened two years ago, and now, rumblings of another revamp to the country’s administrative landscape is expected to keep eyeballs peeled on newsfeeds.

All the pieces matter

Naked, non-stop pursuit of power

Why should we be stuck with a system that incentivises constant bickering and politicking?

It's Just Politics

Umno’s ‘Deal of the Century’?

The latest turns and twists of the Malaysian political game point at a clandestine coalition: Pakatan Nasional.